Sprinklers: Lifestyle Shoot

To put it simply, I love photographing people having fun and living in the moment. I live to capture that fleeting spontaneity.  This is a shoot that I put together and we ended up with the most perfect warm summer evening for it, and considering all the rain we've been having, we really lucked out. It was a blast in every sense of the word. Everyone was running around, myself included, dodging not to get my equipment pounded with water. :) A huge Thank You goes out to Columbia Golf Course for letting us use their grounds for the shoot! My good friend Ramon came along and shot some video so I'm excited to see what he puts together for that! Talent:

Jordan Mlinar, Tyler Hamblin, Sophia Moore,  and Natalie Guarberg of Wehmann Models & Talent

Video Production/assistant/ninja: Ramon Moreno