Newport Beach Lifestyle Shoot

This shoot ended up being one of my favorites so far and we ended up with great weather! (The forecast was set for overcast and rain!) I always get lucky in those little ways :) A couple weeks before the shoot, my friend Ramon decided to join me to shoot some video and I'm so glad he was able to be a part of it! This shoot ended up being quite the little production and it was nice to have a helping hand. Models: Max, Maddy and Greg of M Model Management

Jeff and Melanie of NEXT Model Management

Elizabeth of Wehmann Models and Talent

H&MU Artist + Styling + Ninja: Sandra Avelli

Videographer + Ninja: Ramon Moreno

Photography and Production: Jennifer Whalen Photographer

Thanks to Elizabeth's brother in law Doug for letting us borrow his Jeep for the shoot....he just happened to have the exact vehicle and in the exact color that I wanted for the shoot! How lucky is that!?

Here's just a couple of behind the scenes Poloroids from the shoot. I've been loving this little camera lately and find it really convenient for documenting my life. I love that it's an instant print and that they are nice and small.