Joshua Tree National Park Lifestyle Shoot

My mom had some business to take care of in Cali last week and invited my brother and I to go with her for some family time. So being that I always like to kill two birds with one stone, I took the opportunity to set up a couple of test shoots. I've been to many parts of California before and I always surprise myself by how much I love LA each time I visit. I love everything it has to offer: the size, the energy, the perfectly pleasant weather, the wide variety in locations and most importantly the culture.  For this shoot we trekked out to Joshua Tree National Park  which was beautiful. I wanted to go to the desert to have the experience of shooting there and I loved photographing in this location more than I thought I would. The thing is, you don't know what it's like to shoot in the desert until you trek out there and shoot in the desert. I love the challenge of shooting in as many different places and under as many different conditions as possible. I believe that's where the true skill comes in and really separates the boys from the men so to speak. I can't wait to go back. Besides, how does photographing a pretty girl in the desert ever get old? :) -Also, just a side note, we stayed at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs, and wow, what a neat little hotel. I loved it because I really identified with the brand and along with that I liked the decor, the layout and the staff seemed really happy to be working there. There aren't very many of these hotels around, so if you're in a city that has one, book a room there for a night or two!

Models: Brie Elizabeth of M Model Management

Hair and Make-up: Sandra Avelli

Videography: Ramon Moreno