Cat = Out of Bag

In just a little over a week, I will be taking some time off to do some much needed adventuring and I will be out of the country until May 1st!  I'm very excited about this and have been planning it for the last several months. I will be first stopping in NYC to visit and hang out with my good friends and then I will be heading to South Africa for the month! I've packed my itinerary full full full, so this is not going to be a relaxing vacation for me. When I travel, I never go to resorts and sip fruity drinks with umbrellas - I have too much energy and curiosity for that!  I could go on and on about all the things I have planned and people I'm going to meet, but I'm not going to. I don't want to hype myself or anyone else up too much because I'd rather have my expectations exceeded than be underwhelmed. I've been a bit secretive about this whole thing, but that's how I am with traveling--I don't like to talk about it or think about it too much beforehand or look at too many pictures of the places before I leave: I'd rather have that element of mystery and beauty awaiting me because those little surprises are the moments between me and God. I consider myself a huge minimalist, so I'm challenging myself to be content for a whole month with the items that will fit in this one backpack. I will seriously only be able to include the essentials: my camera, a couple of lenses, a few favorite clothes and a stick of gum ;)  I'm really looking forward to my little challenge; I've done it before (with a slightly bigger bag) and I found that by condensing the physical things that are important to me and only having access to those things for a period of time, I was better able to hone in on what was really important to me in the bigger picture of life, and getting rid of excess. It's a neat challenge. Everyone should try it.

Wish me safe travels!