Colleen and Alex // The Portofino Redondo Beach

Alex and Colleen had a very classy wedding at The Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. It rained all morning, and right as we finished the first look, the sun came out for a gorgeous sunset. Originally it was unexpected that we would get any photos outdoors that day, so we took advantage and took as many photos around the property as possible. One of my favorite things about The Portofino is their lobby and the conference rooms. They have, in my opinion, the most photogenic lobby and conference rooms. Even if we had been stuck inside all day, the lobby offers enough spots to do photos. Alex and Colleen had a beautiful tea ceremony in one of the conference rooms which has the same blue and white walls and plenty of window light. If you are planning on doing a tea ceremony in the morning, I recommend taking a look at their tea ceremony photos to see how they laid out the space with chairs and did the decor.

Colleen and Alex have practical and flexible mindsets which was so important to have when unexpected things change at the last minute like the weather and schedule on such an important day. They have the ability to adapt and respond quickly which makes them both really good for each other. I also noticed very quickly that they have a very similar sense of humor and natural common interests. In college, they met in an A Capella group and performed a duo at their reception. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Colleen and Alex, much love and happiness and thank you for choosing us to document your special day!