Tiffany and Mark // Indian Wells

It was a pleasure to photograph Mark and Tiffany’s desert wedding. Mark and Tiffany compliment each other and seeing them together throughout the day makes me think they are a great couple because they each have natural leadership personality. Mark is expressive just like his mom. He has a natural way of making everyone around him feel important. He’s present and attentive. For Mark, it’s nuanced and effortless; I’m not even sure he knows he’s doing it. When he was around his groomsmen, they were the center and he made them feel important. When he’s around Tiffany, he made her the center and important. There is no line where Mark’s family ends and Tiffany’s begins because he treats everyone with the same comfortable and accepting way. Tiffany has complimentary leadership skills. She’s decisive about the big things as well as the small things, which important. She’s equally welcoming and caring in all aspects that Mark is, and goes out of her way to make the people she cares about feel appreciated. I noticed this right away on Friday when they hosted both families at Tiffany’s parents house.

As part of a surprise and pseudo inside joke, they had a big John-Deer tractor in their front yard because Mark’s family is from Nebraska. I imagine that whole deal took a little creative thinking and a few phone call to make that all happen. Tiffany’s parents also arranged for the classic California based In-N-Out burger truck to serve food for everyone. These types of things are such a clear indication of the thoughtfulness of Tiffany and her family. It’s welcoming his family with open arms and making sure they had a good time. Through out the wedding day, it also became clear how close Tiffany is with her three sisters and mom. They are a tight knit group of women and best of friends! A lot of the behavior between Tiffany and Mark is selfless and it 100% has to do with their upbringing because I noticed a similar mindset between both sets of parents. Tiffany and Mark, I hope you continue to have an inspiring relationship and marriage!